Why I Like Beethoven

Published: 2021-07-01 03:31:22
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Why I Like Beethoven! Why I Like Beethoven! I like Beethoven so much because he is a very great pianist and I love his music. He wrote songs for the piano, viola and violin. I really like his songs because they are defined with great beauty and I really like playing them. For example, Fur Elise is a beautiful song with a soft flowing sequence but with a fast strong section as well. I also like him because he is very persistent.
Even though he went deaf at only the age of 22 yet he still went on to write more music. It would be such a hard experience to go through and still play and write music even though he couldn’t hear anything. People had to communicate with him by writing letters to him as he could not lip read and no one could do sign language so that was how he could talk to people. It would have been so hard to manage. Another thing I really liked about him was that he didn’t let anyone control his music.
In that time musicians would ask people what music they would like them to play and write music to them. Beethoven didn’t do this he just wrote music to his own free will regardless of what anyone else thought. Altogether Beethoven was a brilliant musician. His music is written beautifully, even though he went deaf he remained competent to still write and play music and he was true to his music and didn’t let anyone control what he wrote. He was one of the best musicians that ever lived.

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