Transatlantic Change in North American Colonies

Published: 2021-07-01 04:23:26
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Included in these changes were: lab or source, kinds of labor, organization of labor, race and the types of crops/ agriculture needed. These changes are more significant because they lead to even more changes, developments, improvements, troubles, etc. Which all lead to society today. Over time, the demand for labor remained the same; things needed to be pro reduced, which meant labor was needed in order to provide suppliers/ consumers with whatever they wanted/ needed. The source of that needed labor, however, did change. Indentured SE ravens were the source of labor throughout the colonies, but in 161 9, the first group of people were brought from Africa to the Americas to become slaves. To some, slavery was discovered to be much cheaper and more efficient that indentured servitude: mass amount s of Africans could be brought over to America at once, and they could easily be sold and try added anywhere among the colonies where need be.
To others though, there wasn't much of a need for slaves. People still favored indentured servants, whom they'd been using for q tutee a while already, because they felt more of a personal servitude with them, so they we area bit reluctant to give them up. Indentured servitude would soon be almost overshadowed b slavery though, because 30 years after 1 793, comes the cotton gin which will raise the importance of plantations, thus increasing slave demand. Even still though, the labor source changed from indentured servitude to slavery, as did a change occur from subsistence farm s to plantations. With this change from farms to plantations, came a change from subsistence crops to marketed crops such as tobacco and, the most famous, cotton; all of this can be seen as a result of the major population growth and expansion of the county, as well a importation/ exportation changes (trading slaves for goods, triangular trade).
To restate, concluding, continuity was maintained in aspects such as demand d/need for labor, need for crops/ agriculture, importation, etc. It was the changes (labor source, which crops/ type of agriculture is used, what is being imported/ exported) that occurred from transatlantic interactions that hold even more significance because they lead t o changes, improvements, developments, etc.

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