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Published: 2021-07-01 03:46:25
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Chipolata is a Mexican restaurant that was opened in 1993 with the one goal to serve high quality and tasty food quickly with an experience that exceeded but refined the fast food experience. Chipolata also focus on using the best ingredients, and upholding their mission statement "Food with Integrity'. It is important to have all of the above qualities in owning a business, but every company has strength and nakedness, which I will be discussing in this paper.
I will discuss the strengths of Chipolata and also their weaknesses, and explain how their strengths can improve their weaknesses. Chipolata has so many great qualities and that makes the company have more opportunities for the community they serve along with revenue, but most important is the company's strengths that helps to uphold recession and a shaky stock market. Three important strengths that Chipolata possess are community involvement; food made in front of customers, and strong customer loyalty, and along with the strengths come the weaknesses.
Chipolata has many weaknesses as many as their competitors. There are three main weaknesses that Chipolata has expanding into market with more diverse foods, advertisement, expansion. Chipolata has been involved with the community by hosting events for local schools and charities. It keeps the integrity of the food by buying from local farmers and buying organic products. This strength is great it keeps chipolata close to the communities, and interlarding healthy food into their products.

This is a way to stay in touch with customers and receive new ideas from the community. In the Orlando Business Journal It did and article on how Chipolata donated 100% of it proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity. Chipolata also held a fund raiser for dogs-loving patrons willing to assist the Orlando- based regional center of the Canine Companions for independence. (unknown, 2004)

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