Life in the New England Colonies

Published: 2021-07-01 03:50:10
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The American way of life has changed throughout the centuries. Our views of life have changed dramatically in many ways. History has changed the way we look at American values in general. Such things as our drive for hard work and value of education have evolved from specific types of people during the growth of this great nation. But who were these mysterious people that so drastically changed the way we think today? These "wonderful" people were called puritans and settled in the New England colonies. They ran their society with a strong hand, and valued their land.
When it came to work and education they put forth 110% effort. The puritan values have been carried through the centuries and are still alive and kicking today. In today"s society hard work holds as much of an importance as it did during the puritan times. We hold this American value in high regard when it comes to most things. The puritans viewed hard work as a necessity to survive. We know this partly by the fact that some where around 80% of the puritans were farmers and in order to keep up a good farm you must put your nose to the grindstone.
As time has evolved the American views it has been reluctant to change this one. After all if you let any slack out in today"s society you are likely to be replaced. And therefore we always strive to be the best, this in return forces us to work harder day by day. The puritans viewed materialist things much the way we do today. What this means is that in America today you are judged by what you have and the way you look. If you are dressed like a homeless person going in for a job interview, your never gonna get the job no matter what qualifications you have.

See in today"s society you are judged by what is on the outside instead of what is in the inside. The puritan"s were much this way about land. As we see in the Crucible Mr. Proctor is accused of making false accusations so that he may buy the land of the people that are on their way to jail. It might be argued that the land was the main source of profit during these times, however it also was a sign of how important you were to God. If you had 300 acres of land you were considered one of Gods chosen few.
In the Crucible we also see that Reverend Parris asks for golden candlesticks to place in the church. Now one may not forget that the church was nothing more than a beat up old shack, far from any of the Cathedrals of today. They would do anything to be viewed as being closer to God much way we would do anything to make people like us and accepts us. From the time of the puritan"s to generation-X education has always been a important value. Although some today view school as another place for teens to kick back and just talk to each other.
Most however are in school to do more than just learn, they are there to succeed. 97% of all high school students have plans for a higher learning in college. And where are the best colleges located? Most are located on the East Coast. Such schools as Harvard and Yale were founded by our strict ancestors, the puritan"s. They viewed education as a tool. With it you will succeed. Who knows, back then with a good education you might end up in office. In fact many great men attended school on the East Coast. Thomas Jefferson for instance attended Harvard.
The tradition of a great education has survived through the passing years and will most likely live on. Values of such people as the puritan"s have continued on in the world today and have changed the course of history, as we know it. Education, hard work, and materialism are just three of the many influences that have been handed down from our great ancestors. However, the question still at hand is "Have these values, that have been handed down to us so generously, been for the better or the worse? This is one question I feel must be answered by ones heart. It is after all, a matter of opinion.

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