Impact Of Youth Group On Christian Worldview

Published: 2021-07-01 04:28:47
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Ethos pertains to ethical appeals; pathos relates to emotions and values; and lastly, logos communicates a logical appeal. Through the use of logos, ethos, and pathos, this paper will discuss how I became a member of my discourse community; which is my youth group. In addition, it will give you an insight into a large segment of my life. The first night was ever invited to join my youth group was during the fall of 2008. Sitting in youth group on Wednesday nights has taught me about God on a much deeper level and has helped me have a more personal connection with my Lord and Savior.
Because have been in youth for six years I have developed logos by having a well-rounded knowledge of the Bible, and because of my level of experience. My youth group knows that they can come to me if they are ever stressed or concerned about anything, or even if they have any questions. Additionally, Robert and Leslie know they can come to me if they need help with the youth or setting up a game. Every now and then, Leslie and Robert will plan a game night instead of teaching. It is during these nights that they usually pick me as a team captain because of my knowledge of the Bible, due to all my years in youth group.
Now some naysayer might say that have not yet become a part of this discourse community, but this summer my youth group leaders believed otherwise. Throughout the years, have developed a strong bond with my youth group leaders. Because am one of the original members of our youth group, I have been there the longest along with my best friend, Andrea Camp-Valve. Traditionally, after a person graduates from high school, our youth group traders throw a party in celebration of their entrance into the adult congregation that meets at the same time.

This year, for the first time since youth began, my youth group leaders offered my friend Andrea and I an assistant leadership position in youth, further cementing my ethos. Although assistant leadership positions have been offered to others before, this marks the first time it has been offered to someone our age. Leslie and Robert felt we truly know God's Word and could teach it if one day something came up and they had to be absent. With that being said, one of our responsibilities as assistant leaders is to share a message once every two months.
Some of our other responsibilities include decorating the youth room; planning game nights once a month; and assisting in planning youth events such as lock-ins, parties, and any trips we may take. In previous years, I have attended countless mission trips with my youth group to Mexico. During these trips, I have had the privilege to pray and intercede for many families and children. On one of our youth group mission trips to Mexico, I went to a shelter for or orphan children with mental disabilities. This home is not funded by the government at all and has been able to survive throughout the years from donations and several volunteers.
It was at this shelter where the youth and I were able to help the owners clean up the grounds, paint fences and gates, and feed the children. Once I finished helping out with the outside work, I was able to sit down and color and read with these beautiful children. Although they were poor and had very little, was highly impacted by how happy the children were and how peaceful the atmosphere seemed. This experience helped me develop pathos by having some one-on-one time with these children and by helping the owners refurbish part Of the grounds.
Over the past few years, I have been a part of numerous fundraisers that my youth group has held in order to raise money for the lower income families in my church to go on mission trips. At the same time, most of the money we have raised during these fundraisers has gone into donations we give to people or churches when we go on mission trips. For the past two years, my youth group has been able to raise enough money to host a summer camp or the children in Mexico in two different churches. This is a very large feat for our youth to have been able to achieve.
It takes countless hours and a willing staff to prepare all the decorations, games, toys, and prizes we hand out during Vacation Bible School. Even after everything has been made and prepped, we still have to load it all in several vans and drive it all the way down to Mexico. Last year, I had the privilege to go and share the Gospel with over 200 children and teenagers. The amount of prizes for the kids that were donated to our church was overwhelming. Even though we did BBS for two very large churches, we had enough prizes for all the kids to receive at least three toys per person.
These kids are extremely poor, therefore for them to have received these toys was an incredible blessing to them. During BBS, we were also able to feed all the kids and make sure they went home full; sadly, for most of these kids, that meal we gave them was the only thing they would eat that day. Cannot stress enough just how poor these children are, and yet, they are tremendously happy. It is quite unbelievable to see heir need and yet none of them complain about anything, while here in America, we have everything and still complain if it is too hot in a building with air conditioning.
This helped me develop the pathos aspect by highlighting these mission trips and visiting said orphanages and underprivileged individuals. Being a member of my youth group has helped me mature and grow in so many ways. It has opened my eyes to see the world in a completely different perspective. My youth group has always been there with me through thick and thin; not one time have I ever felt rejected by them. Lastly, it has taught me about God and how much He wants to have a personal relationship with me.
Because of my youth group, have the best group of friends I could imagine; all of my best friends are members as well. I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life as assistant leaders for my youth group and looking back on all the years I have been a part of youth, am truly thankful that God has put me in this discourse community. Because of ethos, pathos, and logos, have earned valuable skills that I know I will need for future endeavors. I can honestly say I am a proud member of this discourse community.

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