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Published: 2021-07-01 04:09:35
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Today's society is a different culture from the original audience. The language is misinterpreted. His words are meaningful and always apply no matter the time frame. We must learn the original historical-cultural context to understand the meaning of the message. "Since we live In a deferent context, we must first recapture the meaning of the text In Its original context. Then we can apply It to our lives In ways that will be Just as relevant" (Devalue and Hays p. 1) 2. In the historical cultural of the early church, women had no legal right to own or possess NY property and were considered themselves to be the property of their husbands. The law forbid them from leaving or divorcing their husband for any reason. In HIS reference to the law, in Mathew 5:31-32, Jesus states women do have rights and are themselves protected as all are by the rights and grace of God.
He goes on to explain if a woman leaves her husband for any reason other than divorce and remarries she commits adultery. Jesus taught the only grounds for dissolving a marriage for the man or the woman is the breaking of marital vows by the act of adultery. 3. Living in n age of "instant application", people want immediate answers. No longer do we want to have search or understand an underlying meaning.
If we show people the true meaning with its historical cultural context, they will be able to open up their hearts to see the message. Yes, it is a lengthy process but in the end it is worth the time and effort. Once the meaning is grasped, it will be appreciated and truly loved fully and the time will no longer matter

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