Why Gender Equality Ruining Everyone’s Happiness?

Published: 2021-07-01 04:44:59
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The "Is equality ruining your marriage?" by Suzanne Venker is a news article how the traditional gender roles still exist in our society today and how it ruins the freedom of everyone to do each other's roles. Venker used the new research of University of Illinois to back up her article. Reading this article can open our mind to see what is the effect to everyone or marriage couple to be exact if they oppose the traditional gender roles.
It's interesting to see how gender equality can ruin a happy marriage couple life and how mental health can take over this. I am here to take closer of the rhetorical devices the author used and how the devices took a certain effect on the audience. Also, to explain how each device links to what the author is trying to achieve. The author's effect is to change the traditional gender roles and the rhetorical devices that were used to support it were Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.
The first device that supports the article is ethos. The researchers in University of Illinois examined men and women to do this research and support their argument on how marriage couples are less blissful if they struggle on traditional gender roles. The research they did suggested, "When females were the main breadwinner in the family, they reported more symptoms of depression; but men's psychological well-being was highest when they were the primary wage earners" (Venker).

This is to say that our human nature hasn't change much about gender equality issue. We still have the belief that men can only support the family and should have a higher wage than women. Gender roles should not have a damaging impact to everyone because this is a start for gender equality. Earning a higher salary for men is very important and there is no surprise there but giving women a chance to help is a good way for family to have a content life. Men working while women stay at home has been part of our "culture" and it can't change just because society changed.
It will take time but giving it a change can't harm anyone because our generation is way different than before and many people are more open now than before. Even now, guys' weakness is when girls are a lot more up in the game when it comes to any field and to anything men do.
The author's influenced for this effect is that it is time for us to experiment in gender roles because many single parent can be a mom and dad at the same time while for marriage couple, it is still unusual for their role to change. Seeing everyone in this nature for generation has been stuck to us and hard to adjust if we want gender equality in and out of our homes. What important is for everyone to open up and try to change this nature and gain self-confident in each other.
Doing what you want to do in life can gain as a self-worth and can make us feel worthy in life. Putting our emotion to something occasionally can be bad and good sometimes because emotion is a feel that we can't control from time to time. The pathos for this is, "Americans are forever being told that "gender equality"- which is no longer defined as equal opportunity but as male and female interchangeability- is the only road to a happy life" (Venker).

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