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Published: 2021-07-01 03:53:26
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A few solutions that has already been implemented is recycling (the reduce and reuse affect), use sees chemicals such as coal, or gasoline, and to educate more people about what is going on with our planet. When did our planet create recycling? Recycling dates back to BBC to current day. Over the centuries we have grown and matured in how to recycle. This includes how we collect rainwater to how we dispose of our bowels. During and after the World War II, the United States became more involved in recycling.
Instead of constantly dumping waste into landfills or into our water source we started to make our oils and gasoline more economically safe. In our gasoline and oils we took out chemical that killed most children and that chemical was lead. Lead was very common in homes dated before the late ass's. It was used in paint. Most children are attracted to color and are prone to putting things into their mouths. In older homes when paint started to chip and children saw it they would pull it and put it into their mouths.
This caused a lot of deaths and poisonings. The United States helped to reduce this by banning the use of lead paint in the early ass's late ass's (Wendy Koch LISA, Today 5/18/2012). In order to inform our nation of what was happening to young children, we had o educate them. The United States communities have provided education programs that are active in the community to help establish problems such as the lead poisonings and air pollution.

Problems such as this will only be addressed to areas where resources such as television, Internet or newspapers are available. If a country lacks these supplies they will not know what can harm them or what is harming our planet. This video The Link between Air Pollution, Lead Poisoning and Aggressive Behaviors stood out to me the most because this is something that concerns me the most. The fact that a lot of people around the globe are not educated about what happens in our environment can become detrimental to our planet.

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