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Published: 2021-07-01 04:54:40
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Arts The United States, as a whole, depends immensely on the development of arts programs, big or small. Americans need the sense of culture and social gathering, and what could possibly be better to do on a Friday night than hear the local orchestra play or catch the next town over's middle school production of The Wizard of Oz?
The funding of arts departments In schools, colleges, and universities Is absolutely imperative to the united States in more than one way: the arts condone a universal language spoken and understood by all, help US citizens to develop and define culture, and provide a necessary outlet to every age group across the country. First of all, the arts foster a universal language that no other program or department of study can compete with.
Van Sago's Starry Night Is Just as meaningful in Venice, Italy as it Is In Tokyo, Japan; each part of the arts has the ability astound and create beauty anywhere and everywhere despite language, race, nationality, gender, and education. A common argument for the funding of the arts is that the arts are a "public good" and provide service that simply exists and shouldn't have to be paid for. While sometimes the arts don't offer this service themselves, they offer social services that do.

This long-used argument complements "the Idea that the arts benefited those beyond their direct consumers through the channels of national prestige, heritage preservation. And education" (Saunders 594). The prominence of the arts all over the world is a justifiable reason for giving every last person a basic knowledge and understanding of the arts. Defending arts departments across America is not the right way to go about doing this.
Funding the arts' should be radically important to Americans due to the effect the arts programs and their participants have on the American culture. While culture seems travail to many, Its' development actually has a vast and underrepresented direct effect on the nation's pride. Questioned pride only leads to problematic questioning of loyalty, terrorism, and patriotism, and those are issues no country wants to deal with.
Obviously, in no way does funding of the arts directly affect one's loyalty to their country, but the development of a country's culture does usually help to prevent a lack of patriotism In G' citizens. In an Interview with Bill Vive, the chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, Vive states that he "thinks that a federal agency has to connect with the complexity of the society It serves... Some of that complexity is multiplicity of cultural traditions" ("The Populist Promise"). Finally, the arts are a creative outlet for a multitude of people, young and old, across America.
For example, a young boy experiencing abuse at home can let out all is frustrations with a paintbrush, or an aging teacher struggling to keep a Job may find stress relief in the violin's sweet sound, but either way, frustration, stress, confusion, and discomfort are all exposed and abandoned In the light of these and high school (where students can choose) art classes, bands, and choirs, kids become exposed to this outlet, and while not all of them find the arts suitable, many do. "Studies have shown that 90 percent or more of secondary schools offer instruction in music or the visual arts.
The fact that about half (or slightly less) of the dents choose to take such courses is a measure of how students gauge their interests" (Goldman). Even struggling, stressed adults can find peace in a bar of Mozart or be on the edge of their seat to a Rachmaninoff prelude. Therefore, it is a most essential outlet to society. "While no one questions the innate value of being able to paint a pleasing picture, play an instrument or sing, it is also true that being unable to read, write or do math is more likely to lead to low- skilled labor, unemployment and consequent poverty' (Goldman).
It's true that when it comes to acquiring a well-paying, reasonable Job in society, it's more logical for a student to understand basics like reading, writing, and mathematics. The important thing to note here is that it is not a question of either, or. It is a question of balancing and balancing evenly so that each student has the opportunities they need to succeed. In Barbara Standard's 1995 Harvard University speech, she says, "The far right is waging a war for the soul of America by making art a partisan issue and by trying to cut these arts orgasm,which bring culture, education, and Joy into the lives of ordinary Americans.
They are hurting the very people they claim to represent" (Brooks). She says this because the arts are much, much more than a political issue that surfaces once or twice every so many years. Its the backbone of culture around the world, its the universal language that is naturally understood, and it its the outlet of the everyday citizen. There is no program more influential to our society than the arts, and how America funds this program should directly reflect that.

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